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Polaris RZR 800 Roll Cage Review

Polaris RZR Buildup -,

Product Review - Roll Cage


Polaris RZR Roll Cage   Polaris Ranger RZR Roill Cage
Stock Polaris RZR - Roll cage is a bit ugly and could use a bit more strength (cross bracing & material thickness).

Hot Ride 4 U offers two styles of roll cage for the Polaris RZR - Standard and Baja. The Standard is more or less a replacement for the stock cage, and the Baja adds the two bars that go backwards and end up in the bed.


The installation of the roll cage went well. The stock cage removed easily and the new cage lined up with the stock mounting holes with just a little persuasion.


Besides being less than attractive, the stock cage sure didnít give me the warm and fuzzies that it would hold up well in a serious roll over. I wanted to stay as light as possible, and didnít want to take up any of the limited bed space with bars that attach to the bed or rear frame. The roll cage that caught my eye was made by Hot Ride 4 U. The cage is computer designed and tested before the first bend is made. It has a good amount cross bracing for added strength without adding so much that the additional weight will start affecting performance.

The fit and finish of the Hot Ride roll cage is nice and I have received lots of positive compliments on the cage since the install. A few things I would change if I were to do it again is to add another whip flag mount on the passenger side, and I would change the way the shoulder harnesses mount so they wrap around the tube behind the seats instead of bolting to a tab.

Other Photos:


Polaris Ranger RZR Roll Cage  Polaris Ranger RZR Roll Cage    
Standard cage

Hot Ride - Polaris Ranger RZR Roll Cage  Hot Ride - Polaris Ranger RZR Roll Cage  Hot Ride - Polaris Ranger RZR Roll Cage  Hot Ride - Polaris Ranger RZR "Baja" Roll Cage
Baja cage

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